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Over 55 Years of Unparalleled Experience You Can Trust

Hamilton Radiator Service Ltd has been offering products and services in the radiator industry since 1955. Choose us for fair prices and exceptional service.

Heat Exchanger Service in Hamilton

Since 1955, Hamilton Radiator Service Ltd has been providing the finest in heat exchanger service in Hamilton. We have grown to become the most respected name in the radiator industry by offering fast service by trained professionals with over 100 cumulative years of experience. Hamilton Radiator Service Ltd specializes in almost all types of heat exchangers, including radiators, oil coolers, condensers, and charge air coolers for most truck and industrial applications.

More about Us

Hamilton Radiator Service Ltd is determined to ensure that every customer can expect, and will receive, quality products and services that exceed their needs. No matter which type of heat exchanger you are having issues with, every customer deserves consistently fair pricing and on-time delivery – every time – for the continued length of our business relationship. We manufacture radiators and deliver them in our trucks. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and products.

Why Choose Us?

In order to enjoy our customers continued patronage and trust, we must earn your business each day, of every year. We have been successfully doing this since 1955, through using the most advanced equipment, becoming National Automotive Radiator Service Association (NARSA) heavy-duty certified, and through guaranteeing workmanship with the expert skills, winning attitudes, and invaluable experiences of all our highly qualified technicians.

Professional Affiliations


On-site Repairs for Marine Radiators

Our services include on-site repairs and in-house services for your oil coolers and marine radiators.

Aftermarket Radiators

We are your trusted source for high-quality aftermarket radiators and A/C condensers.

Radiators for Tractors and Forklifts

You can expect us to provide lift-truck radiators with leading edge technology.

Customize Your Core Order

When it comes to manufacturing custom radiator cores, we provide same-day services.

Generator Sets Services

Rely on us to provide generator repairs and on-site services, such as removal and replacement.

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