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Marine Radiators in Hamilton

At Hamilton Radiator, our service work includes both in-house and on-site repairs for oil coolers and marine radiators in Hamilton. We provide high-quality cooling service and support for a wide variety of marine equipment. Our staff has years of experience in recovering and repairing marine equipment, and are very customer oriented. No matter what the issue with your marine equipment, we are here to provide knowledgeable technicians and efficient solutions for all your needs. Give us a call now to learn how we can help.

Inspection and Rebuild Services for Marine Equipment

We currently offer inspection and rebuild services to the marine industry for aftercoolers, tube heaters, and a wide range of other marine cooling applications. We provide services for tugboats to large lake freighters as well as Coast Guard ships. If it is a cooling or heating application on a ship, we can service it.

Our Radiators Meet Quality Standards

We offer heavy-duty radiators, charge air coolers, and condensers that meet our high quality standards.

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