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Reliable Heavy-duty Repair Specialist in Hamilton

All heat exchangers are different, making repair and maintenance procedures different for each one. Hamilton Radiator is a NARSA-certified heavy-duty repair specialist in Hamilton and our technicians have been trained to keep your equipment operating at optimum levels. We provide quality services and repairs because our technicians work with tested and proven procedures. That means we take no shortcuts and provide repairs that last. Contact us today!

We Offer a Range of Services

We offer free pickup and delivery in most regions of Southwestern Ontario. This helps you focus on your business, while we focus on what we do best: getting your equipment up and running quickly. The team at Hamilton Radiator performs repairs right the first time, saving you time and money.

We service:

Heavy-duty radiators

Heavy-duty condensers

Generator sets

Aluminum bar and plate coolers

Tube and shell coolers

Marine coolers

Marine radiators

Marine equipment

Charge air coolers (cleaning/recoring/repairing/replacing)

Gas/diesel tanks

Other services include:

Aluminum welding

High-pressure nitrogen testing

Special corrosion-protection coatings

Marine Radiator Repairs

We can repair heat exchangers and marine radiators at our shop in Hamilton.

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